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April 11, 2013
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Gamzee X Reader X Karkat

You sat in your chair in the newly furnished living room of your friend Karkat's house. You put your chin in the palm of your hand as you leaned forward. You sat on a green plush couch covered in a blanket. You had slept here the night before and were just waking up at 3 in the afternoon. You and Karkat had stayed up late prank calling businesses using *67 to keep your number anonymous.
Karkat walked into the living room sleepily rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. "Good fucking morning nooksucker." You laughed. He always called you fowl names just to piss you off but you really didn't care. It was just adorable.
"Good morning Karkitty." You said using what you knew would set him off.
"Don't call me that." He said giving you a glare.
"You called me a nooksucker..." You said smiling. You were not a morning person but it wasn't the morning was it... Karkat just wasn't a day time person unless you were joking around.
Then there was a bang on the door. Shit. Gamzee mother-fucking Makara. "Yo' Motherfuckers! What's up?" He asked slinging his bottle of Faygo in the air as he stepped into the room.
You looked like shit and this adorable stoner comes walking into Karkat's house while you are sitting on the couch. Just great. This made waking up so much easier. "Hey Gamzee."
Karkat just mumbled a greeting and sat down on the couch next to you and Gamzee sat in a chair across from you guys. He leaned back and was basically lying in the chair as per usual. You chuckled. "I think I may go get cleaned up guys." You said before walking to the bathroom to get ready for your fucked up day. You sighed shaking your head.
You began a light tromp to the bathroom, bag of makeup and things in hand. WHY did Gamzee have to come over now?? Sighing once more, you began to tease your [h/c] hair, but nothing would stay. You decide to move onto makeup, you’ll work on your hair later. Picking up your favorite eye shadow, [f/c], you begin to apply it lightly to your eyelids. Then, following eye shadow is a charcoal eyeliner, then mascara. Well, at least now you don’t look like complete shit. You decide to leave your [h/l] length hair down. Whatever, it’s not like Gamzee will ever notice you. Or, at least you don’t think so.
Being nice to the stairs, you try not to smash down them like always. Usually you’re too laY not to tromp. (XD) Going towards the kitchen, you smell… smoke. And Karkat was in the living room… which could only mean one thing…
You dash into the kitchen, only to see Gamzee making pie. Your eyes wide with shock, you slowly calm down. Gamzee isn’t exactly the best cook.
Attempting to get through his smoke shield thingy, you see him gesture to a seat. Awww crap. As sweet as it was you didn’t wannah eat any of that pie. Stuff rusts your thinkpan, your friends once told you.
You smiled sweetly at the rather tall purple-blooded troll. “Uhm, No thank you Gamgam. I’m not in the mood for any pie right now.” You stated with a blink of your [e/c] eyes. You smiled. Just then…
STOMP STOMP STOMP down the hallway. Here came Mr. Krabby Karkitty. “GAMZEE WHY ARE YOU IN MY FUCKING KITCHEN AND SMOKING UP MY HOUSE WITH THOSE GOGAWFUL PIES?” He shouted in his usual manner. You sighed.
“I just wanted to make you guys a snack. You looked hungry.” He replied in that smooth laid back voice that you so loved. You looked between the two waiting for Karkat to scream again but it didn’t happen. They were both looking at you like you would magically have a decision on who was right and who was wrong. You had no idea. You looked at the both of them and held your hands up declaring, “I am so not getting in the middle of this one.”
Both trolls looked at you, Karkat was more glaring. His glare was adorable but honestly he was a little too grumpy for your taste. Gamzee’s look was laid back and comfortable almost. Not angry just whatever. You could probably throw a bus at Gamzee right now and he would just brush it off and walk along… wait who were you kidding he’d probably hit them and then walk off. But, that’s not the point.
The point was that he was really laid back and you liked that. “WHATEVER FUCKASSES JUST STOP STINKING UP MY HIVE.” He said balling his fist up and crossing his arms. You shook your head and facepalmed. Gamzee was only trying to be sweet. You quietly got up and opened the kitchen window and like an air vacuum smoke seemed to rush out just as fast as you would if a fight broke out between the two trolls. You coughed and sat on the floor waiting for the rest of the smoke could clear so that you could breathe easier. It was common knowledge that there was lest smoke near the floor.
The air was clearer and you were happy for that. You were very unenthusiastic about smoke entering your lungs just moments ago. You could still hear the two trolls arguing as Karkat had started complaining at Gamzee again. Unfortunately you were sitting were the smoke gathered up before heading out the window and you didn’t realize it. Your eyes began to droop and your breathing got shallow. “Guys… Guys!” You felt as though they couldn’t hear you. “Help!” Your voice was growing raspier by the second. You closed your eyes.
What you couldn’t see, feel, or hear was both of the trolls rushing towards you and Gamzee mostly carrying you out of the house and taking off without taking a car to the hospital no matter how much Karkat yelled at him to get in his car.
You clung unconsciously to Gamzee’s black shirt your breath still eerily shallow.

-time skip from sopor pies and rather tall trolls running-

When you woke up you were lying in a surprisingly soft bed. You moved your arm to see an IV sticking out of it and a hospital bracelet on your wrist. There was a rather tall troll sitting in a chair next to your bed. You were obviously in a hospital. Why? You had no idea.
Gamzee looked up and smiled that goofy smile at you. “What’s up sis?” He said standing up and looking down at you. He grabbed your hand and played with it in his own. You smiled sweetly up at him.
“I don’t know the fucking sun.” You said sarcastically your voice still raspy.
“You’re always so mother fucking sarcastic sis.”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked laughing.
“I don’t motherfucking know.” He said with that goofy grin again. He leaned down slightly his eyes drooping as his lips met yours. “I really like you [name].”
“I really like you too Gamzee.” You said kissing him again.
“Karkat can you shut the fuck up for two mother fucking seconds?” You said with a glare that could make even his look weak.
“Whatever.” He said growling and stomping out of the room. You thought maybe he had a little flush crush on you too.
Okay this was a request from a long long long time ago from :devSasoDeiYoaiFanGirl:

I'm sorry it took so long and that I havent been putting things up lately. I'm horrible gahhh. I procrastinate. I have a tone more request from the same time gah but I finally go this one done and I'm so happy. Credit to ~Alphawolf234 for some amazing ideas! I really appreciate it. I had really bad writers block with this :) And yes you do end up with Gamzee but Karkat has his own little crush on you hehehehe :o) HoNk HoNk MoThErFuCkErS!

HoMeStUcK: Hussie
GaMzEe: Hussie
YoU: You or Gamzee
StOrY: Me
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